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Blekko Announces Its 1st Partner Deal: DuckDuckGo

blekko is my 3rd start-up. For each start-up I've done, there are always a few events that, looking back, make the highlight reel. Of course the launch is one. But so are things like: 1st round of funding closed, 1st employee hired, 1st press, 1st alpha user, etc. I would put 1st partner deal going live up there with each of those. That's why Im psyched to announce that as of today we have our 1st partnership live with duckduckgo.

Duckduckgo is a search engine run by Gabriel Weinberg. Gabriel is doing some great stuff over there, especially with the Zero-click info he is providing in addition to search results. We're happy to announce that as of today:

- blekko is powering search results for the following categories on duckduckgo: health, lyrics, autos, colleges, hotels, personal finance and recipes. Not coincidentally, those are the categories where we are auto-firing slashtags, so our results are spam free and from high quality sites.

- duckduckgo is powering zero-click info on blekko, on a site by site basis. To access this info on blekko, click on the info button on the second line of any blekko search result. Really great info in there.

We've got a lot more in the pipeline coming out soon, so make sure you stay tuned. But for today, we celebrate our first partner deal - woot!!


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