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April 26, 2010

Bienvenido a Miami Twitter

If the web was the US, which sites would be which cities?

Facebook: NY; Google: LA

The 2 most important, most trafficked sites on the web are the two largest, most important cites in the US - and they're as opposite as NY and LA are to one another. Facebook's social approach to the web is as foreign to Google as a good steak house is to LA.

MySpace: Detroit

Used to matter, not anymore - just trying to survive the exodus.

Yahoo: Boston

At one time this was the hub, not so much anymore.

Twitter: Miami

Lots of flash and celebrity power, keep this one a favored destination.

AOL: Chicago

This is where real people live: i.e. flyover country.

Wikipedia: San Francisco

Lots of smart folks working together communally to make the world a better place. Not to mention a few bad apples making the world a more difficult place.

TechCrunch: Austin

Small, but very influential. Where the movers and shakers all start.

CraigsList: Las Vegas

Sin city - what happens here stays here (hopefully).

Ebay: Phoenix

Old school, literally.

Did I miss any?

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