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Art Garfunkel is Very Meticulous

I just ran across this page, which lists every book that the musician Art Garfunkel has ever read. You read that correctly, it's not just a list of his favorite books (those can be found here), it's a list of literally every book the man has read in the past 40 years. According to the site:
Since the 1960's, Art Garfunkel has been a voracious reader. We are pleased to present a listing of every book Art has read over the last 40 years...This book list has been divided into several pages to allow easy downloading. Each page indicates the author, title, date of publication and number of pages (when available).

I find this to be both odd and impressive. It's impressive that in the past 40 years, Art has read 1023 books. In other words, for basically my entire lifetime, he's read on average 25 books/ year - or a book every other week. (Although the cynic might joke that he's had lots of free time since 1970 - the year Simon ditched him.)

But as impressive as it is, its even odder to me that he maintained this list. For 40 years. And not on a computer for at least the first 10-20 years, I'm sure. Every time he bought? finished? a book, he logged it - along with the date of publication! Bizarre. But, again, impressive.

Of course, when he's not reading or OCD book logging, he's one of the best singers in the world. Here's the song the IMHO shows off his pipes the best:


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