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Saturday Night's Alright For....Food Shopping?

For the first time in....well, ever, actually, I'm not trekking east for Thanksgiving. We're staying put, and I'm happy not to have to fight the airport crowds this year. Now, with that, it's not all fun and games. We're actually hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year. Oy.

Between Kelly and myself we have a grand total of zero years experience in stuffing and cooking a turkey. Which would be fine, except we are having 8 other folks over for dinner....in other words, the pressure is on.

Fortunately, Kelly is a pretty good cook and my job will be to pretty much stay out of the way. However, I did make a MAJOR contribution yesterday. As much as I dread airport lines, fighting the masses at the supermarket this week is going to be hell. Crowded supermarkets are always bad, but they're even worse when everybody is trying to buy the same stuff(ing).

My awesome idea? Let's spend our Saturday night at the Safeway - it'll be empty and we can get most of the stuff we need without dealing with the masses. Worked like a charm.

We got almost everything done last night (a few odds and ends to still pick up) and the place was empty. Only issue was that when we came home, shopping bags in hand, our neighbors saw us - and proceeded to make fun of how boring we are spending our Saturday night at Safeway. ;)

Anyway, step one complete. Onto to preparation and here's hoping the turkey doesn't end up too dry. (BTW, any hints, tips, or recipes for Thanksgiving are much appreciated - feel free to comment them or email them to me.)


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Carving the turkey is a real pain, but a few years back I saw Bobby Flay explain how to do it. Once you have kids, you watch a lot of Food Network on Saturday nights . . . . I couldn't find the exact episode online, but this one is close enough.


Also, brine the bird before cooking it. 1000x better. We have 2 birds every year and I fry one. Its by far the the best, but not real good for apartment living or when guests are over. Pretty labor intensive . . . and dangerous.


I've heard from others that brining the bird is the way to go - I had never even heard of that before. In any event, we're on it - i.e. now I have to go back to the supermarket...


I've used this brine in the past. Substitute apple cider for much of the water to add an even better flavor.

And i also follow Alton Brown's recipe for cooking the turkey.
http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/good-eats-roast-turkey-recipe/index.html complete with video from the show!

Really the best way to go and much much easier than other recipes. Turned out perfect each time i've made it. So juicy, when i first put the fork in it to cut it, it was like i had skewered a juice box.

damn, now i'm hungry.


apple cider in the brine - I like the sound of that! I've forwarded both tips on to our house's chief brining officer!

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