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Now That's A Bridge

Found this story (via Hacker News) about a bridge being built in China. Not just any bridge, it's the tallest bridge in the world.
[T]his bridge, when completed, would be the tallest in the world by some way and smash the record for highest deck-to-ground distance held by the royal gorge bridge in colorado (1'053ft)....the deck of the bridge has just recently been connected over the valley below and is so high above the ground that you could fit the empire state building underneath it, and still have 360ft spare.

Now that's a tall bridge. So, you're building a suspension bridge taller than the Empire State building, how do you string the support cables from one bridge tower to the other? You tie them to rockets of course.


More pictures and the story are found here. I konw its not turkey day related, but still pretty cool stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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