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Presidential Groundhog Day

Wake me up - I think I've seen this election before. The Republicans nominate someone that Democrats believe to be less than qualified for the (Vice) Presidency. Check. Democrats voice their displeasure loudly. Check. Republican candidate climbs in polls. Check. Democrats become more shrill in voicing their complaints. Check. Republican gains even more support. Check. Repeat.

In the last two elections, the net result of this was that said lesser-qualified candidate (Bush) got elected. We'll see if the same thing happens to this year's choice (Palin). But, given the history, it wouldn't surprise me. They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results each time. I'm starting to think this might apply. Why don't the Democrats learn from their mistakes?

BTW, I'm not talking about the actual candidates. Obama and Biden seem to be doing a good job staying above the fray. Which is good - that's what leaders do. It's the Obama supporters who happen to have access to the media (celebrities, pundits, reporters, etc.) that I just don't understand. We've seen this movie before - the more they publicly air their opinions about the other side, the more Americans seem to like the people they are complaining about. So this begs the question: why can't they keep their mouths shut??

Maybe the Republicans are brilliant and they knew this would happen. Maybe this is the exact scenario they had in mind in picking Palin. Kind of like an older child knowing the exact right way to bait their younger sibling into doing something dumb right when the parents are watching - and the younger sibling just can't help but fall for it.

Maybe the Karl Rove crowd knew that if the picked someone edgy for VP, Obama's people would not be able to bite their tongues. They'd moan and groan loudly and this reaction would actually propel their candidate to new heights. If so, these guys are unbelievably good - McCain is actually leading in the polls. If I told you a month ago that this would be the case, you would have called me insane.

I guess the more interesting question is whether anything can be done by Obama. It's pretty hard to tell some of your biggest financial backers that they're vocal support actually does more harm than good. And who knows if they'd listen anyway. Human nature makes it difficult for people to aknoweldge that sometimes less is more. Besides, the Republicans are really good at setting bait.


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