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Help Wanted: UI Design

Rich tweeted this last week, figured I'd blog it as well (and post it on Craigs list). Drop me a note if you or anyone you know fits the bill:

We need some design help!

Who are we? We're Blekko, a stealth search engine created by the founders of the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) and the news search engine Topix. (And, yes, we know we need some naming help too, but we've got other folks working on that).

Who are you? You are a web design/ UI expert who:

- works in CSS and HTML

- understands the balance between usability and creativity

- has a keen eye for detail and subtlety and

- brings a fresh and creative approach to the design of a search site.

You can send us some examples of work you've done in the past and send a couple of references to boot. You are also available to work here on site (Redwood Shores) with us for a few days/ weeks / months (i.e. until the job is done) – so ability to work with a team is important.

Why is this an interesting? Well, we think everything about search is interesting, but from a design standpoint the search UI has been pretty much the same for the past 10 years. We think there are some cool ways to change that. You should too.

How will we pay you? With cold, hard cash of course. Tell us your rates.

When do we need your help? Umm, now.

How should you apply? Please email your resume to design@blekko.com and include a link or attach your online portfolio.


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