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Random Observations/ Thoughts

Random thoughts that, for whatever reason, have been running through my head:

1. Sam mentioned Schlitz beer in the office today (actually he called it schiltz). That made me think of Stroh's - a beer we used to drink in high school. After a few minutes of research I learned that Stroh's was bought by Pabst and Miller in 1999 and pretty much discontinued. That made me sad.

2. I then remembered drinking Goebel's beer and Schaefer beer in college. Schaefer was "the beer to have when you were having more than one." I think that adequately summarizes college. Anyway, after a few minutes of research on those two, it turns out that both brands were actually owned by the aforementioned Stroh's.

3. My beer of choice now is Miller Lite, which of course is part of Miller Brewing, who, as noted, bought Stroh's. Turns out I've been a loyal customer for a long time.

4. I think I have Olympic fever. I haven't given a crap about the Olympics in many years, but for some reason, I find myself drawn in this year. So far anyway...

5. I always find it odd when the local TV station sends a reporter to an event like the Olympics. From a news perspective, there's zero reason for this. I guess it helps the local station package up a local product and therefore sell the time to local advertisers. But really, couldn't they do this without the local reporter going there?

6. And does the reporter realize that the only qualification they have for the job is their home address? Or do they really think they are being sent there for their reporting skills?

7. I once asked a buddy of mine who is in the radio business why they even bother with DJs - wouldn't pre-programmed playlists do the trick? Well, apparently, radio stations can charge more for ads read by DJ's than the pre-programmed ones. And the amount they can charge for these ads exceeds the cost of the DJ's. So there you go - that's why we still have local radio talent.

8. I once asked a news reporter whether they thought that media could be a big business online. The reporter explained to me that it was all an advertising business and Google was proof it could be a huge business. I felt like telling them that Google's and traditional media were in the ad business the same way like tennis and pro football were both sports - same top level category, but that's about it.

9. I think they should cut from the Olympics basketball, tennis, soccer and any other sport where there is a sizeable market outside the Olympics. While usually these are the more interesting sports, in the Olympic setting they are the least interesting. Because of the big names, unfortunately they get a disproportional share of the spotlight though.

10. Imagine its 1776, you live in South Carolina - your farming, raising a family, etc. All of a sudden, someone tells you that your life and future is going to be effected by people in Massachusetts, NY, PA, etc. who you don't know, won't ever know and really have no way of directly communicating with. And you agree. How does that happen? This country of ours is an amazing thing...that deserves its own entry sometime though.


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