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So Far, Pretty Cool...

As predicted here on Friday, Cuil (one L only, thank you) launched its search engine today. I'm still playing with it - and, as expected, I'm finding it useful for some queries, not so much for others.

In any event, whether you like the product or not, there is one thing that is abundantly clear from this launch: it was a complete and utter PR home run. Check out the chatter on TechMeme. It is THE story of the day. You think the world wants a second search engine??

Of course the digerati crowd chattering about a product launch is to be expected. What impressed me about this launch is that it managed to go well beyond the usual suspects. The mainstream press has been all over this. Anecdotally, I've already received a ton of email from people outside the industry who heard about the launch. These are folks in the mid-west who don't follow this industry at all, and they're being reached. Even better, not only are these guys hearing about the launch, they're actually going to the site and doing some searches. That's a big win.

Anyway, the launch has had some performance issues (to be expected given this amount of traffic), and some query results are not spot on, but search is hard and I'm sure those are on-going efforts. But for today, I say congrats Cuil on the launch - well done!


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Prakash S:

You bet they got the PR right, my folks were talking about Cuil. They sure weren't talking about Powerset;-)


Cuil'ed myself and came up first. Linkedin highly ranked?

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