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Digg: The Hyman Roth of M&A Deals

There's that great line from Godfather 2, when someone asks Michael Corleone about Hyman Roth's health, he responds "he's been dying of the same heart attack for the past 20 years." That's how I feel about Digg - seems like they've been getting sold ever since their launch 4 years ago. Heck, I wrote a post joking about this 9 months ago.

And it continues today - the latest from TechCrunch just this afternoon:

Google’s on and off negotiations with Digg have been back on in a big way for the last six weeks, we’ve heard from multiple sources inside of Google, and the two companies are close to a deal that will bring Digg under the Google News property. The acquisition price is in the $200 million range, says one source.

Best of luck to the Digg team - the site is cool and they seem like smart, good guys. I'm just not sure what I'm going to be able to read about if they do finally sell...;)


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I think Heather at Hitwise must be working for Digg's PR team. Third article on this topic for her: http://weblogs.hitwise.com/us-heather-hopkins/2008/07/digg_acquisition_rumors_take_3_1.html

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