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Cuill Launches Next Week?

Today TechCrunch does a good job of analyzing Google's blogpost on the trillion page web. However, the most interesting part of the Arrington post is the teaser at the end:
Google also says 'But we’re proud to have the most comprehensive index of any search engine.' That may be true today, but it probably won’t be true next week (check back here then). Google knows that as well as we do, and that’s why they posted this today.

So what happens next week? Presumably this is a not-so-subtle reference that highly anticipated new search start-up Cuill will be launching. I saw Louis Monier from Cuill speak a few months ago and he was hammering home to the audience the fact that Cuill will have the most comprehensive index when they launch. From what I hear, their index already exceeds 100 billion pages. We've been waiting for their launch and can't wait to check out their product.

If they do launch, I think the search world is about to become a lot more interesting. The Cuill team is a hyper-competent technical group and we (obviously) think that the search market is ripe for a new player or two. If they have a bigger index than Google that delivers quality results, everyone wins: consumers get a new way to navigate the web, Google gets some competition to force innovation from it and small search start-ups get to play in a re-ignited market. :)

So here's hoping that if next week is Cuill's launch, it turns out, excuse the pun, cool for them. Team Blekko is anxious to see what they have and is rooting for them.


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Having more entries is not going to make them better. Never have I googled to no avail something that is actually out there. In the age of parked ad domains and after the fall from power of tripod and geocities the content out there that is worth anything is being indexed.

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