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YouTube HowTo PlayBlues

I really like the home made instructional videos on YouTube. Pretty much anything you can think of, there's a video lesson for it. Installing ceiling fans? Check. Scuba training? Check. Auto repair? Check. Heck, there's even instructional video on how to annoy your co-workers. In other words it's all there.

My favorite how to vid's are usually involve guitar. There are loads of great instructional videos ranging from how to play specific songs to how to play specific styles. I've been spending a lot of time lately on this guys blues instructional page. Really cool stuff. Now, I figure the logical next step is to bring my guitar to work, tape it and, voila, a new addition to the "how to annoy your co-worker" series. (Hint, hint Greg and your bladder pipe). Anyway, some cool, easy blues licks in this embed:


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this is the main thing I use AppleTv for. Fire up instructional video, sit on couch with guitar and voila... im learning

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