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Stub Hub Limbo

I'm in Stub Hub limbo. Last night I ordered tickets for a concert playing on Wednesday. Stub Hub immediately confirmed the order on my side, but then I found out that they need to confirm the order from the sellers side. Fine, fair enough. But they give the seller 48 hours to do to confirm on their side. Did I mention that the concert is on Wednesday? This is not good.

So what happens if the seller doesn't confirm in time? I find out about the non-confirmation on Tuesday night and then have 24 hours to find tickets? Well that sucks. I guess in the meantime, I could go buy tickets elsewhere to insure having a seat - but what happens if the seller does eventually confirm? Then I'd have two sets of tickets. This sucks.

I know - I should have just bought them off of Craig's list. Actually, yes and no. Before trying Stub Hub, I answered some Craigslist ads - and got responses like "I have tickets but live in Berkeley - if you drive out here I'll sell them to you." I don't want to drive out to Berkeley to buy tickets. Stub Hub offered Fed Ex to my door - a MUCH better alternative. That is until I found out about this 48 hour waiting period.

So for now I'm in Stub Hub hell - actually purgatory is a more apt description. 48 hours in purgatory is waaayy to long.

UPDATE: Just got an email saying my tickets are shipping! Excellent. So only about 24 hours in Stub Hub purgatory. Still too long, but much better than 2 days. Looking forward to Wednesday at the Warfield!


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Mikey, all of my experiences with StubHub have been perfect. However, we did have the one glitch when we went to the Steelers-Cardinals game in Phoenix.

The tix that I received were not the tix that I purchased off of the site. Instead, they were in a different section, different end of the field and higher up. Interestingly, the tix came with a parking pass that I did not order. I contacted StubHub believing that the tix (and the parking pass that I did not buy) were shipped to me in error. At that time, I was told that their policy is that a buyer might not get the exact seats that he purchased from the site, and the seller has the right to give the buyer the "reasonable equivalent". In this case, since the tix were not as good as the ones that I thought I bought, they sent the parking pass as a bonus.

Much like your situation, timing was a pisser. I had ordered the tickets months in advance of the game, but they did not arrive until only a few short weeks before game day. The game had been sold out for months and at that point what tickets were left on StubHub were significantly more expensive. Plus, I had already taken the initiative of securing a parking pass on my own (tailgating is always a priority), so the pass they threw in with the bad seats wasn't really a bonus at all.

So to sum up, I ended up with tickets that weren't as good as the ones I wanted, two parking passes (but only one car) and no real time to fix the situation. To top it off, the Stillers played like jackasses.


I can't believe they closed the Warfield...

Gonna miss hanging out and watching Phil & Jackie...

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