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Wine And Movies

Spending this New Years day in the most traditional of fashions (i.e. on the couch, nursing a hangover, watching football, stuffing my face), I had a couple of completely random and unrelated thoughts/ questions that I thought I would blog:

1. I'm not much of a wine guy, so don't really keep up on what's good, bad, etc. with respect to various vintages, however, I have noticed as I stroll through the wine section of a store that more and more wines are being given humorous names. Fat Bastard, Roshambo and Screw Kappa Nappa are a few that I recall seeing recently.

So is this a new trend? I am presuming that the humorous naming is solely aimed at the gift purchase of wine - I can't imagine anyone seriously cracking open a bottle of Fat Bastard to enjoy with their meal. So is this a case of clever marketing? Someone realizing that while few know much about wine, everyone loves a good laugh - thereby creating a new position for an existing product. Or does this lower wine to the gag gift level? Good for short term but perhaps not long term. Hmmmm...

2. Who's hurt the most by the Hollywood writer's strike? The writers? The networks? The studios? How about the promotions folks? With no writers, that means no talk shows, which means there's been no opportunity to promote movies through appearances on Jay/ Dave/ Jimmy/etc. You would think that shutting down a prime PR line like that might actually hurt the movie industry's bottom line. Turns out no - Christmas movies did better this year than last year. Not good news if your job is managing these types of promotions....

Ok, now back to football....


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Another term for these wines is Critter Wines. Like Yellowtail, or any other wine with some type of animal on it's label. The marketing of wine has gotten very aggressive now that American's are drinking it at a higher rate. And how did this happen? Hollywood? Sideways?
As the general public learns more about wine we will see a shift away from these garbage wines.

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