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Our First Press!

Less than six months old and really only in the beginning stages of our development, Blekko scores a great write up in the influential blog TechCrunch. Shows the power of having a name brand like Skrenta as a co-founder! Anyway, my favorite part:
Skrenta, who’s very media savvy, won’t say much about how he’s going to tackle search (he’s not a fan of PageRank though). He says they are looking at improvements on the back end (indexing and query serving) as well as the user search experience itself. Beyond that, he says we have to wait. And it might be a long wait at that. The company, Skrenta says, may not have a public prototype available until 2009.

Normally an entrepreneur announcing they’re taking on Google with a six person team and just $2 million in funding would either be laughed at or ignored. In Skrenta’s case, he has proven himself more than once as capable of taking on big challenges and winning. This will be a company to watch, and speculate on, in 2008.

To borrow a phrase from Pete Townsend, got a feeling 2008 is going to be a good year....;)


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