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Just as I thought...

No great surprise, but i figure no one else is going to post about my predictions coming true, so I might as well. Looks like some Facebook execs cashed out out on their recent financings:
We hear Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has cashed out -- before an IPO, before a sale, and before his investors. In the company's recent financing round, insiders believe, he sold about $40 million worth of stock.

Marksonland readers already knew this would happen back in September: "Now I'm guessing two things about this deal: first, this will not be a $500 million direct cash infusion to Facebook. Rather, many investors and perhaps some of the founders will be selling shareholders in the deal and have at least a partial exit. Second, there will be a multi-year advertising contract associated with this (similar to the Google AOL deal)."

Now if only I could predict lottery numbers....

UPDATE: Or not....


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