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Re-Visiting Topix

As is well chronicled on this blog, this summer I decided to leave Topix and try some new things. While I no longer work there, that doesn't mean I don't check out the site from time to time for my fix of local news and just to keep tabs on the new stuff they're doing.

One of the things that has impressed me recently is the way the site is being adopted by various communities to share information. Case in point, the recent SoCal fires. This thread was started for people to share neighborhood information. If you scroll through it, there is some really useful information being shared there. Pretty cool.

They've got lots of other interesting features going on there - including the Top Picks, the polls, etc. All good stuff. The only downside is that they've added so many cool new features that the pages are starting to look a bit crowded, but I'm sure they'll fix that in due time.

Anyway, the one really cool new feature (well, new in the sense it started after my departure) I like is the editor blog. First and foremost, the information on the blog is really interesting and helpful. And spotlighting active editors is a great idea. When I was there, I was always bugging the community team to interact with users through more than policing offensive posts and/or handling complaints, etc. This editor's blog is a great example of that. ShopLocal does something similar on their site with Eva the Shopping Diva's blog. There's great content on that blog as well, but it always seemed a bit out of place on a shopping site. On Topix the editor's blog content is a much more natural fit. Maybe Topix can get Eva to start editing a page or two on Topix...

Anyway, it all seems to be working as traffic is going gangbusters for the site. So congrats to everyone down there. One of these days i am going to head down there to actually re-visit Topix in person.....


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Blair Lewis:

You're just sour that you didn't get to post your opinion in the Editors Blog while you were there.....


Hey Mike, Thanks for the shout out. The editor blog is my favorite too, and I'm slowly trying to get it out there to a bigger audience. I totally remember the Community as "Cruise Director" conversations we had. Anytime you want to come by, there is a Guitar Hero 3 challenge waiting for you in the game room. :)

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