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Phil at the Warfield

Last night, for the second time in the past few month, I went to see Phil Lesh and Friends play. The lineup of the band (which is usually ever changing) was pretty much the same as last time, with the exception of the new bass sax player, who I don't recall being at the Greek in September. Anyway, great show. Really enjoyed it. Phil looks healthy and strong which is great to see. And the band has been obviously playing together now long enough that they're really rocking. With that, a few notes on the show:

1. The Warfield , once inside, is a great place to see a concert. Don't get me wrong, I love the Greek - it's a beautiful outdoor amphitheater. But that's precisely the downside of it too - because its outdoors, you don't feel like your immersed in the music. That's not the case of the Warfield - it's small, warm and great sound.

2. The Warfield outside is a shitty place to see a show. It's right on Market Street nestled in between a strip joint, a checks cashed place and an adult book store. Lots of aggressive crazies there hitting you up for money, etc. - not fun.

3. The band itself is as sharp as ever. The really rocked the joint. From the opening number (Bertha) through the 5 or 6 song acoustic second set and on until the final set, the band had the place jumping. Pretty funny moment: during the third set, while the band played the Jackie Greene song Mexican girl, in honor of Jackie's birthday the band wheeled out a 6 foot cake onto the stage. Of course, out popped a girl from it (Mexican, of course), balloons fell from the ceiling and everyone sang happy birthday. Pretty funny.

4. Speaking of Jackie, since September he's morphed from being a member of the band to really becoming its leader. He's more confident and playing/singing better than ever. I went to the show with my buddy JT he was convinced he was watching the next great musical star. I don't disagree.

5. One downside, the break between the second and third set was realllllllly long. Seriously guys, do you need 45 minutes after a 6 song acoustic set??

6. I miss my cameraphone. No camera phone (and no flickr photos available), no pics of the show for the blog. That sucks.

Anyway, great night at the Warfield and can't wait to go check them out again at their next show.


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I just got this crazy urge the other night to download the Europe '72 album -- something I haven't listened to in almost 15 years. And now you go posting about Phil Lesh. Must be we're channeling Jerry from that crisp autumn air. :-)

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