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Phil at the Greek

Yesterday, Kelly, myself, my brother (in from Hawaii) and my friend Rich had a great day at the Greek Theater in Berkeley checking out the Phil Lesh and Friends concert. For the unfamiliar, Phil Lesh and Friends is a band comprised of, well, Phil Lesh (the bass player for the Grateful Dead) and his friends. The latter remained unspecified because it is an ever changing group of musicians that change from tour to tour.

Anyway, a couple of notes about yesterday's show:

1. It had been a long time since I had seen a Phil/ Dead-related show in an outdoor venue. Really changes the dynamics of the concert. With indoor shows, its just you, the band and some other nameless/ faceless folks in a dark room. Outdoors, between the sunny day, the spinning hippies, the cold beer, the awesome venue, etc., etc., the music itself is just one of the many things that make it a fun day.

2. Speaking of hippies, the one who sat near us in the second set was probably one of the worst smelling human beings I've ever been around. As soon as he moved in, space cleared around him for a couple of rows on all sides. Really bad.

3. As for the show itself, the band sounded pretty good. The first set was lots of blues numbers, with the highlights for me being Deal and Why Don't We Do It in the Road. The second set was a bet more jammy (although they killed a blues version of the Dylan song Hard Rain), with the highlights being St. Stephen, Eyes of the World and a fun Sugar Magnolia.

4. The most interesting addition to the band was Jackie Greene. I had no idea who he was going into the show, but walked away really impressed. He's not only a good guitar player, but is also a fun front man with lots of presence. Pretty impressive considering he's only 26 years old, playing with a bunch of guys who have been around a lot longer. His energy level on stage really made the stage show much more entertaining.

5. Afternoon shows are great. After the show, we had time for not only a good dinner but also to make it home in time to check out most of the new Ken Burns documentary.

Some pic's of the show below (taken with my bro's I-phone - my new blackberry has no camera phone - ugh.)




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Blair Lewis:

In reference to point #2.....I'm sure he felt the same about you.....

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