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Moving Day

Long live Blekko! Some pic's (1 with the new fangled I-phone, 2 with my old school Treo - I'll let you pick which is which) below:




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This looks a lot like how I would picture an al-Qaida safe house in Parsippany . . . Hmmmm

Interesting. Find a bot crawling my site, didn't know what it was, came here for a look.

Good luck in your project.

Noticed your crawl. About 9 years ago, I noticed that our new site www.generalbiomass.com was getting good scores on something called "Google" which looked like it was being done from someone's dorm room. Hope that means good luck for you - Google does indeed have some problems today. Best of luck and please advise when you have a public prototype.


Hey noticed you came by for a visit, THANKS
Good Luck and a fast rise to the top

Thanks for helping the searches to my site

Noticed that you visited our site a few times. I would be interested in where you are going with this. I am so frustrated with Google and their limiting searches that are directly associated with the Google Word Adds. My cost for a keyword "click" went from 25 cents to $10.00 in less than a year and not within my budget to continue. Unfortunately, my traffic is now way down and impacting web-based sales.

I noticed you visited our article directory. :-)
Interesting project. I'd surely like to know more. I was brought here from http://www.scoutjet.com/ after checking server logs. Look forward to hearing from you.


Uuuhh, my story is no different. Saw you crawler and was like, "wtf"? Then I found myself here.

Good luck on your project. As for the pics, the last one was taken by the iPhone.

Good luck with the project, guys.

The more competition, the better - for sure.

However, Big G is a very sophisticated machine now - it really does pick the quality sites a lot of the time, link power is gradually taking a back seat. That's Yahoo's game now.

I hope you find a new way to pick the quality, relevant sites. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the crawl and good luck with the search engine, can't wait for someone to knock down Google. I hope you don't repeat their mistakes with Adsense/Adwords and make money in some smarter way.

nobody special:

Your photos show guys sitting around with pizza and beer, feet up on the table, a few racks, and general toys. I hope your approach to work ethics and professionalism in these competitive times are a little more interesting. Hope the trawl of my systems was useful anyhow. ;) (I don't wear a suit, but have worked with them for too long.)


I noticed you guys crawling my pages. Here is an idea for you. I just self published a book (POD) on Sustainable Development and it is available everywhere but no one can find it. It is a needle in a hay stack. Yet my book just might save all humanity. Wouldn't it be sad if 1000 years from now aliens find my book and say, well they knew what to do, so what happened? As they dig further they find out that no one could find it because you guys failed!

How is that for a challenge :)

Good luck and help MMmmmeeeee....

Now for shameless promotion.


Mark Hammond:

Are you the guys behind wedwiki.com and their wikibot robot?

A new way to search? Great idea... Best of success to you. Hey - can you put my site as number one for the next 10 years? Kidding...


Hi guys!

Come and make a Safari!
You will have some nice pics.

All the best
from Tanzania
Laris Safaris Ltd


Hey Guys; Thanks for stopping by my site again appreciate your hits. Good luck on this venture onwards and upwards.
Feel free to stop by daily-hourly-by the minute, the more hits the merrier

I came by, as others did, through investigating the ScoutJet web crawler. Any Pizza left? I don't see any beer in the pics despite what the other commenter said. Guess it is gone already. Although I do see a soda cup. It is probably flat by now.

Doing a bit of research on your ScoutJet webcrawler I saw webmasters discussing their blocking your crawler. Nowhere in the discussions did I see the 'why' to block.

It would be nice if you would explain to us novices the why's of allowing or disallowing webcrawlers. Where is the harm that webmasters would disallow crawling and where is the good that the 'normal' website owner would benefit by allowing it?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Nice to see you guys are crawling my website,

indeed to previous post, that some more information would be good!

keep up the work you have full access to my pages, jus tmake sure you read my robot file


Good Luck with the David and Goliath Thing.

PS, Those Pizzas look Disgusting :-)

Hey! Someone new showed up in my logs ;)

Keep smilin'...keep crawlin'..
You can have access to my sites(s)

hey guys i tracked down you server's visit more then 4 times on my single network in just last month traffic. how ever msn live visits were just 3. :-) whats that big bomb shell? any plan to launch Google Competitor. well you guys looking so passionate. improve your ScoutJet site. your work is very worthy, so sould be your site and design (ScoutJet)... if possible then try to give our newsletters service so applications developers like me can stay in touch with new arrival from you guys. anyway you guys are welcome to visit my any network. :-)
best of luck guys!


I am new to all this,but welcome to my site. Keep the hits coming!

Good Luck Guys, free market all the way!!!!!!!!!

You just crawled my site and I am glad to see it! Good Luck and Crawl Away!!! Visit any time!

Good luck from Japan, too!

Nice to see you guys are crawling our website.
You can have access to our sites.
Good luck from Germany.

You just crawl my site. Hmmm...
Chalanging google? so good luck.


Saw your crawl, goodluck!


Your bot just crawled my site today so good luck to you and come back again soon - google is getting way too big now and they just cannot handle it anymore...

They're making a complete a*se of it all and we need some new blood to take over, so here is hoping.

David Taylor:

You guys indexed my page just now!

Yay - someone building a better google.

Saw a new crawler hitting my logs and was like "wtf? wth is this?" and checked you out. Good luck with the underdog situation. You guys can crawl all of my sites (over 360) anytime. ;)

Just seen you have crawled my site www.allsheffieldonline.com here in the UK.
Glad to find out its a legitimate bot.
Good luck with your venture,everyone supports the little guy against the big boys

Like everyone else, I got here by following your ScoutJet robot around.

Just want to say that, as long as your robot is well-behaved, and you don't repeat Microsoft's mistake (or deliberate error?) of inflating our webserver logs with useless spam (hint: make sure your robot's name appears in all U-a lines, even if you feel the need to masquerade the U-a for whatever reason), your robot will always be welcome at our site.

Abuse the privilege and, like Microsoft, you'll start seeing a bunch of 403's ;-)

Anyway, good luck with taking on the big 3 (A, G, & Y. Microsoft doesn't count: bing couldn't find our site if it walked up and bit it on the a**).

P.S. Be sure to let us all know when you have a public beta!

P.P.S: Offer a way to directly integrate a custom search engine on our site (either with a fully-brandable results page hosted on your site or, perhaps better, a simple API to return and server-side-script the results into a page on our site), and I'll strongly consider adding a "powered by Blekko" box on our site ;-)

Saw your crawl, goodluck

I was wondering what scoutjet was doing crawling my site ;)

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