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Finding Me

A pretty cool thing happened to me this week - two people I went to college with and, unfortunately, have not spoken to much since, found me through this blog. Each of them dropped me a note to say hi and briefly catch up. Like everyone else, I do Google searches from time to time on old classmates, relatives, friends, etc., to see what they are now up to. Google has made that act - formerly time consuming at best, impossible at worst - now incredibly easy (provided you SEO you're name, of course) and therefore common.

The problem I had when these two folks wrote me was that each inevitably asked the obvious questions: What's up? Where are you? What are you doing? etc. Given that 18 years have passed since I graduated college (ugh), these are not easy questions to answer succinctly. Anyway, in an effort to answer these folks and fulfill my self stated goal of creating a journal, I figured it was time to play catch-up on this blog. So, here's me (at least some highlights anyway) for the past 18 years:

1989: Graduated college

Summer of 1989: worked at a resort (why do I remember this? It was a memorable summer!)

1990 - 1993: law school

1993-1995: Move to Washington, DC. Graduate law degree, public policy job with think-tank for a while, then begin law practice.

1995 - 2000: Move to New York - practice corporate law (M&A) for two relatively big law firms (the latter being just Brown & Wood when I was there).

2000 - 2002: Move to San Francisco. Join Terraspring in 2000, first as GC, then Bus. Dev. until it was sold to Sun.

2003: Year off - travel to lots of places in Europe, Africa, etc.

2004 - 2007: Co-founder/ VP Business Development of Topix (sold to Gannett, Tribune, Knight Ridder (now McClatchy) in 2005.

2006: Married wife Kelly.

2007 - present: Co-founder of Blekko.

Ok, admittedly that's a pretty boring list. Sadly it reads more like a resume than an autobiography - but that's for three very good reasons: (a) places and jobs are the easiest way for me to mark time - and give at least a 50,000 foot view of where I've been, what I've done, etc. (b) I'm too lazy to write more detals; and (c) this is a public blog - 'nuff said there.

Anyway, suffice it to say though that along the way I've met lots of great people, made many friends and have lots of more fun stories that, if I did take the time to write and put on this blog, would make it much more interesting. But that's not gonna happen.


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