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The Silver Anniversary of Rich's Virus

A happy anniversary to Rich, for it was 25 years ago that he invented and unleashed on the world the very first computer virus. Rightfully, the press has noticed this and picked up on it. For those interested, here's some coverage.

Being a fellow Mt. Lebanon HS grad, I remember that computer room where he, my brother and the rest of the gang used to hang out. Unfortunately, my knowledge of technology at that time consisted of taking a Basic programming class (from Mrs. Murray) and playing games on my brother's TRS-80. Now my knowledge extends all the way to mastering the Moveable Type platform ;).

Anyway, happy anniversary and congratulations to Rich. One thing the article doesn't note though: while the Elk Cloner may be impressive (especially for the time), it pales in comparison to his many accomplishments since then!


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I thought your would get a kick out of this . . .


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