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Giants Fantasy Camp

While most of the world thought the big news out of baseball, and San Francisco specifically, was Barry Bonds overtaking Hank Aaron in the all-time home-run race, here at Marksonland, we know that the real baseball action actually took place at AT&T Park today, the day after Barry's record-breaker. That's when my buddy JT and I had a chance to take the field to participate in the Bank of America fantasy baseball camp.

This is the second time I've had a chance to participate in this event, and both times it has been a ton of fun. From start to finish it is a class event. The day begins by getting each participant properly suited up - handing out authentic Giants jersey's and caps to wear on the field (and keep as souvenirs). After that, each player is placed in one of three spots - infield, outfield and the batting cage. In the infield and outfield spots you shag flies and grounders hit to you by former Giants players. But of course the real action is at the batting cage, where you get to take a few batting practice cuts from the machine: A couple of notes:

1. I managed to plunk a couple of shots into the seats;

2. Sadly, those seats would be the ones in the left field foul area.

3. I only whiffed on one pitch (which, btw, were coming in at 65-70 MPH) - no too shabby.

4. My best "shot" was a fly ball to left field that didn't even make the warning track - a/k/a a can of corn.

Oh well, so no future as a major leaguer a head of me. What a fun day anyway. A few shots of batting and fielding practice below:






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The second shot of BP is pretty sweet swing. No doubt that was the whiff . . .

Also, I would be remiss if I did not mention two things. First, you both look like your dressed for 49ers fantasy camp and not the Giants fantasy camp. Boys of Summer, remember? You guys look like you're going to play touch football the day after Thanksgiving. Summer in the Bay Area . . . . I'll pass.

Second, you're looking a little . . . shall we say . . . Tommy Lasorda-ish, or perhaps Prince Fielder-ish in that jersey. You're puttin' a little strain on those middle buttons pal!!

Heh, while the comment re: the buttons is probably true, I do note that I changed the dimension of the pic's to fit this format and as a result, the images now are more short and squat. No excuse though for being out of playing shape...


Thanks again for the invite - it was a great experience.




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