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Fret Killer

Seems like a pretty common use for YouTube is for amateur musicians to record themselves and then post their performances online. Some of them are good, others not so much (no need to link anyone in this category). Rare is it though that you find someone who consistently posts really unbelievably great stuff. With that, meet fret killer (or I guess fret killr is the actual user name he uses) - a really, really talented guitar player (and a pretty great singer to boot).

On a semi-regular basis, Fret Killer posts videos of a very eclectic set of songs all played on his acoustic guitar. All the videos are done in the same manner: all you see is the guitar and his fingers literally killing the fret board. Here are a couple of favorites of mine:

Ain't She Sweet (as of this entry, his latest post)

You Don't Mess Around With Jim (Jim Croce song)

My Back Pages (Dylan Song)

It's a Sin to Tell a Lie (an old 1920's tune)

With that, I've listened to/ watched everything he's posted and they're all great.

Only 2 beefs with Fret Killer: 1. he remains entirely anonymous, as far as I know. I would pay to see this guy in concert. 2. He disallows embedding of his videos (thus the awkward linking above).

In any event, check out his stuff...it's worth the time.


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Get a job, dude. And fast . . . .

Karl Boots:

FRET KILLER is Jack Marti

Larry Strate:

Fret killer is most definitely not Jack Marti.
Jack is fair, not in the same league. Unless he purposefully puts out subpar videos under his name to seperate him from FretKillr.

Rosemarie Shaw:

Hi,can you help? My brother is devestated to find Fret killer's site has been suspended on youtube. Any idea where we can access him? Kind regards,Rosemarie.


a bunch of fretkillr's vid's are posted on this link:


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