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Heroes Flaw

As I mentioned before, one of my (and pretty much everyone else's) new favorite shows is Heroes. Great story, good characters, suspense, etc. But with that, I think I found a screw up in the show last week - and since I have been light on blogging material lately (too much travel, I think), I figured I should document it. If you don't watch Heroes, stop reading now.

OK, so Hiro and his buddy go five years into the future where NY City was decimated from a bomb going off. They run into Hiro of the future - the one who told Peter Petrellli at the beginning of the season to "save the cheerleader, save the world." Future Hiro informs present day Hiro that because they failed to save the cheerleader from Sylar, Hiro couldn't kill Sylar, and, as a result, Sylar succeeded in blowing up NYC. OK, makes sense. Except for the fact that, in that same five years in the future world, they show a scene where the cheerleader is alive and well, waiting tables (albeit as a brunette). Wait, I thought the whole reason NYC was decimated was because she wasn't saved. So how is she alive? Seems like a flaw to me, unless I am missing something.

Like I said, I'm a bit light on blogging material....


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Honestly, I was really hoping for a 4th f'n blog on the same topic......glad you stopped at 3...

I don't know what's more pathetic, your past few entries or the fact I'm reading them alone on a Tuesday night.

Here's a thought, watch Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel and blog on it, it's very interesting.

Gary Blake:

I to was disappointed at the lack of continuity on this program, it suggested and was able to entertain so much more.

The final peter vs. Gabrielle fight was basically non existent. I was hoping for this so much just like i enjoyed every Harry Potter vs. you know who. The writers 'borrowed' from so many other books and films that it became transparent near the end. The lack of true writing skills that glued it all together was apparent.

All in all heroes was an obvious winner that really let us down by thinking we're already won before the battle had begun.

If I was to finish this off, I'd have rather let New York be blown apart. Then Syler to have to come back and stop the past being changed by Hiro he could still have taken down Nathan and the amorphous, that would have been lots more fun.

As for dealist catch, that was fun but not fiction!

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