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Hail Caesar

When I used to hear people talking about Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, it immediately made me think of old school Las Vegas. And when I say old school, what I really meant was old - as in the clientèle. However, one spontaneous trip to Las Vegas later, which included two nights at the recently re-modeled Caesar's Palace and I'm a changed man. I actually really liked it.

The pool area was great - big pool, good waitress service. The room's while not the most modern, were pretty big and comfortable. And the casino area was actually very nice - good food court, lounges, etc. OK, so it's not the most hip and happening crowd in Vegas wandering around there, at this point of my life that's probably for the best.

Wait, does this mean that it really wasn't Caesar's that changed but rather my age demographic? Sadly, probably a bit of both. ugh.


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