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Rafat points to an interesting research report detailing both the success of Facebook and the failure of Yahoo in not buying them when they had the chance. With that, what I found interesting was some of the more tangential points made in the report. To wit:

"eMarketer found that Facebook was the most viewed site by females in the US ages 17-25 and also the most viewed website by males (56%). In a survey conducted last year among undergraduates, Facebook was names the second most "in" thing among undergraduates, tied with beer and after only the Ipod."

I find this both impressive and disturbing at the same time. Obviously Facebook's market penetration is astounding. Very impressive. But tied with beer and second to the Ipod? That means beer is second behind the Ipod? Now that's disturbing. In my undergraduate days, beer took a backseat to no one and no thing. What is wrong with today's youth? I shudder for our country's future....;)


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