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Parties: A Core Competency

Ever since I started at Topix, regardless of what was going on with the company, we always managed to throw a good party. The first one was the Xmas party we threw back in our trophy shop days. I tried to take the lead on that one, but was promptly dismissed from the task when I suggested that all we needed was a honey baked ham and a keg of beer. Joy and Heidi ended up doing most of the legwork on that one.

ANYWAY, last night's Web 2.0/ launch party was no exception. There are a few essential ingredients for a great party, and I think we had them all:

1. A great venue: check. The outdoor patio at the St. Regis Hotel was perfect. Great hotel, lots of room, outside (but covered so not to be too cold), well located, etc.

2. Great food: check. The big bowl of giant (and I do mean giant) shrimp, along with the kobe burgers, the antipasta tray, and the other hors d'oeuvres - very nice.

3. An open bar: check. 'Nuff said there.

4. Great guests: check plus! This is obviously the most important part - we had all sorts of interesting people there - everyone from the Topix team, partners, VC's, fellow Web 2.0 companies, the press, friends, family....really a great crowd.

All in all a great event. Special kudos to Robert for the design work on the headline screen, and Amy and Chris for a tireless effort to put together not only a great event but a great conference for Topix. Thanks guys and thanks to everyone who showed up last night to help us celebrate.


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I heard that the Stephens brothers were there. Is that true? Those guys are studs!

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