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List of Firsts

First Concert: Van Halen (1982)

First Movie I remember - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - at the drive in with my family

First Job: Butler Landscaping, Pittsburgh, PA - cutting lawns

First Lawyer Job: Pompan, Ruffner and Weurful - government contracts firm in Alexandria, VA

First Post College Apartment: Columbus, OH

First Post College Phone Number: 4418734

First Bet in a Casino: $15 blackjack - I got blackjack, so did the dealer. Push.

First Beer: Mickey's big mouth

First Guitar: Gibson Epiphone

First Car: Oldsmobile Delta 88

First NFL Game Attended: Pittsburgh - Houston AFC Championship 1978 (steelers win) - worst weather ever (sleet)

First Deal Closed: N2K/Telebase (1995)

First Trip outside US - Canada, 1982

First Trip Abroad - Switzerland, 1989

First Ipod - Xmas 2005 - I still refer to accidently as my Walkman

More will come...it's amazing the stuff that you remember.


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First Hole in One: October 4, 1984.
Oh wait . . . that was me.



22 years may be a long time but some things we never forget - one of them is Berkey, Ross and myself gang tackling you after you made that shot at Ponderosa.

Of course, the most memorable part of the round was you beating me by one. Some might say it took a hole in one for you to do it, but me being gracious, just says congrats on both fronts.


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