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Calorie Counting with Dottie

While I tried to diet at the beginning of the year, to be honest, it didn't take. But, the past few weeks i have got on a diet kick that seems to be working pretty well. But, as anyone who has dieted knows, weekends are the hardest. You're running around, hanging with friends, and often times going out to eat. Calorie counting at home is difficult enough, and when you are going out to restaurants it's even harder.

With that, my brother recently introduced me to a great site that can help the problem some: Dotties Weight Loss Zone. Dottie it seems has taken the time to go out to lots of popular restaurants, reviewed their menus and done the calorie calculation for each of the items on it (many of the calculation are in weight watchers terms: one point = 50 calories).

Anyway for all you "fat bloggers" out there, this won't help bolster your will power in not ordering desert, but if you're going out to eat and the restaurant is on the list, at least you can [try to] make some smart choices while you are there. For instance, next time I go to Chili's, I now know that my favorite Cajun Chicken Sandwich has 820 calories and 43 grams of fat. Ugh.


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Blair Lewis:

Dottie should start a sister site titled "Dottie's Stop Smoking Zone". I'm sure it would be equally ignored like your calorie counting while shoveling the fries off my plate and into your mouth last night!

JT :

Stop drinking soda...

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