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The Generation Gap

There was a line in a recent (a couple weeks ago, i think) NY Times article about the internet creating the largest generation gap since rock and roll. Clever line, and perhaps true.

My life online pretty much consists of paying bills, reading and, as of late, blogging. Not much more. This is clearly not the case for the younger crowd. My trainer is 25 years old. He is so involved in MySpace that its the home page on his mobile browser. In between clients he spends his time "MySpace-ing" - which, presumably means chatting with friends and trying to pick up girls. Note I said presumably. Every time I go to MySpace I have no idea what to do there. This is despite the fact that have set up an account and been to the site on more than a few occasions.

And therein lies the generation gap: I, a reasonably intelligent almost 40 year old man, have no idea about a site that is really second nature to the younger crowd. Kind of like my parents felt about many of the pop culture things (music, video games, etc.) I loved when I was growing up. Ugh.

Getting old is a bitch.


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