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Replacement Pics

It's unanimous...the pizza pic's were gross. Since the pizza was in fact pretty good, that means it was either (a) the photographer's fault or (b) the camera's fault. Obviously, I ruled out option (a) - and the pictures were taken with my camera phone. Anyway, another day, another picture - and it being 70 degrees and sunny in the city today, it's optimal for pic's (until the fog rolls in anyway). Now if I only had something better than this crappy camera phone.

View from our living room:


And one from outside (the Golden Gate is in there, if you look on the left hand side and through the blur):


Better than the pizza pic's anyway. If it wasn't such a gorgeous day, I'd spend a few hours playing with my new Mac to see if I could figure out how to upload some pictures (from a real camera) that would do the view justice. But, that's a rainy day project.....


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