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Big Mac

Last night was a monumental day in the Markson house - we bought a new computer. Not just any computer, mind you, we bought a Mac. This is definitely my first foray into Apple-world (other than the IPod, obviously) and I think it is Kelly's as well. All the guys in the office work off of Mac's and they love them. Even my brother is a recent convert, so I'm optimistic.

Truth be told, Tom's the reason we bought a Mac. The past few months I have taken a bunch of home videos (wedding, honeymoon in Australia, rocket launches, etc.) and haven't really done anything with the film. I asked Tom what would be the best software for a novice video editor to use to convert the film into something watchable (both editorially and format-wise (i.e. a DVD, not the HD tape it resides on now). His response was forget the software...buy the Mac. The I film is just that easy.

So we'll see. Hopefully I can figure it out and have some of these video's uploaded in no time. The more likely scenario: since I am, as my wife likes to say, the "technically challenged" one in the family, she will have this figured out soon. And I can go back to the type of Mac that is in my comfort zone - the Big Mac.


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Tom Markson:

I'm not missing that pizza even a little bit...yuck

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