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Tattoo You

When I was in college I remember a bunch of us constantly talking about getting a tattoo. Most of the conversation was around getting our fraternity letters inked somewhere on our arms, legs, etc. Anyway, then someone upped the ante. One year following a winter break one of my friends came back to campus with not just a tattoo - but a huge, fire breathing dragon on his shoulder. Needless to say, while we were all EXTREMELY amused, the tattoo conversation never came up again.

Thankfully. I can't imagine being a 40 year old man with three random greek letters permanently stained on my body. At this point, what does having a tattoo say about you? In many ways, it reminds me of my old Grateful Dead days. Deadheads were perfect examples of lots of folks who did their best to be different by acting exactly the same. I used to make the joke that if you really show you rebellious side at a dead show, you should show up in a three piece suit and a BMW, not a tie dye and a VW bus.

But that's not how it works. We all want to be part of something. It's human nature. But perhaps some take it too far? For instance:


Now that's scary.


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