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Super Sunday

Growing up in Pittsburgh in the 70's was a great place to be a kid for lots of reasons. One big one, of course, was the Steelers. Winning four Super Bowls in 6 years - good times! Bradshaw, Swann, Mean Joe, LC, Lambert, Blount, Kolb, Webster - man, those guys were gods to an 11 year old kid.

Last year, as a big kid, I went to Detroit to watch the Steelers finally win their fifth Super Bowl. Such a great time that I didn't even bitch (too much) that the game was being held in Detroit and it snowed.

This year, the Steelers didn't make it, but we'll do our best to make it a super Sunday nonetheless. Kelly made the chili, the TV's going to be on all day and we may even have a margarita or two. Kelly spent six years in Chicago (where I'm sure she's glad she is NOT today) so here at Marksonland we're rooting for the Bears today.

Predictions: at least 2 bowls of chili, 2 chili dogs and a Bears win: 24-17.

Updated: The Colts won 29-17. Fortunately, my two bowls of chili and 2 chili dog prediction was correct.


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