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Tails and Dogs

Lots of chatter about the future of music distribution thanks to the recent Steve Jobs essay. For an interesting rant on the deficiencies of the production side of music, check out the latest from the Lefsetz Letter.

You can’t let 'Not Ready To Make Nice' win the Record of the Year, never mind the SONG of the year, it eviscerates your CREDIBILITY! And all you’ve got is your credibility. Without it, you’re Vanilla Ice. Yup, the Grammys are now Vanilla Ice, laughable has-beens.

He says it a lot more colorfully than I could ever hope to. The face of music is changing. If the labels think that a new, disruptive distribution channel, with new economics attached, doesn't require a change to the approach to creating content, they should check in with the newspaper industry. Distribution and content - as one evolves so must the latter. Otherwise, people start to call you Vanilla ice.


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