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Hot or Not?

I generally try to stay away form political discussions. Why? Well, for starters, no one usually agree with my libertarian viewpoints. Also, I think I have some tender political scar tissue from my years in Washington, DC, where everyone discussed politics all the time.

Washington really is a company town, with everyone's business some way or another having to do with the government. Walk into any bar in any city in the US, you'll hear people talk about sports, music, movies, whatever. Walk into a DC bar (especially some of the institutions in capital hill area) and you'll hear patrons debating things like the latest NASA regulations or other matters. In other words, after a while you (or at least I) got my fill of political discussions.

With that, certain issues do still torque me. One of the main ones is modern day environmentalism. What really annoys me is how these days environmentalism is treated as a religion. Therefore, anyone who questions any of the underlying premises is immediately vilified. To many, there is no room for an opposing view point - and, to me, that is unacceptable.

So, with that, I figured I would point out a couple of interesting articles about the hot button issue of global warming. As far as I am concerned, this is still an undecided issue, so the more facts, opinions, conversations, debate the better.

(Disclaimer, I realize these articles are newspaper columns and not scientific climatology papers. I point them out because they are easy to read and contain many under-publicized but nonetheless interesting facts).

So if you are interested in hearing a different voice/ set of facts than what you typically read, check them out. And don't worry, reading them won't cause lightening to strike you down...


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