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Pet Peeves

I think I will make this an ongoing list:

1. The fact that when I travel and calendar something into my phone, the phone does the time conversion for me. For example, I'm on the east coast, someone in Palo Alto says let's chat next Weds. at noon. I of course plug the meeting in my phone for Weds. at noon. Annoyingly, when i get back to California, the phone has gone ahead and automatically changed the meeting time to Weds. at 9 AM. Not sure if that makes sense, but trust me, on the annoying scale it is a solid 7.

2. People that send us press releases that are huge files. As a news site, we get story submissions/ press releases all the time - yes, i know we're a news aggregator and don't produce original stories, that's besides the point. ANYWAY, I don't mind getting them - but i hate it when it is a huge file. I'll get a 5MB press release spammed to me that will fill up my mailbox, make incoming messages bounce, etc. Annoying scale: 8.

To be continued...


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Just curious where getting sniped from 5000 yards on Relic sits on your scale? That's gotta be a 10...

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