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My new home....

Less than 24 hours ago I started blogging and I've already switched URL's.

When I decided to set up a blog, on my friend JT's advice, I gave Vox a go. True to his description, it was really easy to use (an important fact when you are technically challenged like me). With that, a couple of feature-holes really bugged me: (1) no blog roll (the neighborhood feature was similar, but you could only add other Vox members ot your neighborhood); (2) you had to register with Vox to comment on my entries; and (3) there was no traffic reporting. Individually, no big deal. Taken together, enough to make me switch. While I was hesitant to move past anything that was as intuitive as Vox, I've managed to figure out how to move my old entries over to this URL (with accompanying vid's and pic's), i.e. so far so good.

So, welcome to Marksonland. feel free to kick off your shoes and stay a while....

Note to JT: don't worry, this blog is powered by Moveable Type.
Note to Rich thanks for the hosting help!


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