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My new favorite blog...

Ideas are one thing. Communicating them effectively is a completely different animal. I like to think I have some decent ideas, but I am fully aware of my limitations in communicating them (I blame it on three years of law school and 6 years practicing corporate law - two environments where succinctness is not a priority).

In any event, when I talk about what I think makes a successful web-site, i usually go on some long rant about how a site must develop a two way relationship with the user, become involved in the users daily life, etc. And then I point to the obvious successes of the email providers (Yahoo, Hotmail), search engines, social networks and how they've developed these two way relationships with their users.....and then the listener usually falls asleep.

Which is why when i read posts like this it makes me feel (a) happy that i have similar thoughts to an obviously smart person; and (b) sad that my communication skills aren't nearly as good.

Anyway, check out: http://headrush.typepad.com/creating_passionate_users/. Cool blog, smart AND well written.


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