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I need a life

Watching the NFL playoff games this afternoon with my friend Blair (who is in his late twenties) I became pretty aware that my knowledge of professional sports has severely gone down. And to add insult to injury, it became pretty clear that I am old - when i see #29 running the ball for Indianapolis, I immediately think Eric Dickerson.

Anyway, I mention this because I was thinking about my friend Dave telling me I need to blog about work less and more about the Steelers, and it occurs to me that perhaps following the industry has replaced following pro sports for me. Following the players, keeping up with the gossip, checking the numbers - it's pretty much the same. But instead of checking ESPN.com regularly (like Blair does), I check TechCrunch, et. al. instead.

Either that or it's just that the Steelers aren't in the playoffs....I really hope its the latter. ;)


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Wow that's odd. I have absolutely no recollection of Dickerson as a Colt. I remember him as a Ram and a Falcon, but was completely blank on him being a Colt. In fact, I even Googled dear No. 29 just to make sure that Mike hadn't lost his mind. Sure enough, E.D. was traded from the Rams to the Colts on Halloween night 1987.

How the hell could I have missed that? Then I started thinking . . . I really lost touch with all professional sports from 1985-1989 while I was in college. With the exception of Nicklaus' Masters win in 1986 and Mookie Wilson nutmegging Bill Buckner, I don't seem to have any recollection of what went on in pro sports in the late 80s. I suppose that in the pre-Internet, pre-fantasy league era (and no longer having my parents' free newspaper to read) I simply tuned out. At 6 and 11, I wasn't watching the news, and frankly Sportscenter was only a blip on the sports radar http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Thirdscset.jpg

Sure we paid attention to the World Series, the Super Bowl and few other events, but other than than that the games simply came and went.

One exception I suppose would be that prior to 1985, I really had no interest in college basketball. Ever since graduation though it has become one of my all-time favorites. Odd how life gives you certain opportunities I suppose.

By the way Mike, just remind Blair that he doesn't know squat about the USFL.

God, we're old.

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