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My buddy Dave pointed me to last weeks issue of GolfWorld magazine. They are reporting that the new John Daly sponsored Maxfli golf balls are not being numbered 1-4 like normal golf balls. Instead, no joke, they will have red, white and blue 7-7-7's on them. This is, in a word, brilliant.

Why do I love this so much? First off, as an avid golfer, I am the target customer here. I would definitely buy some of these. I'm not really good enough to be able to tell the difference between the various types of golf balls - the subtleties in performance escape me (not to mention that some of my best rounds have been played with scuffed up shag balls). So, for me I make my golf ball selection as such:

1. I don't play 80 compression balls - they're for women and seniors.

2. I usually buy Titleist Pro V-1's - only because that's what most good golfers play - and i figure they know more than me.

3. Any ball that I find or is given to me I will play (other than 80 compression balls).

And that's pretty much it. But now, Maxfli has given me a new reason to buy its golf ball. Golf, for me, is all about going out with your buddies and having a good time and a few laughs on the course. Having a ball number 7-7-7 red, white and blue can only help this cause.

The marketer in me admires how they took the commodity part of the golf ball - the numbering system - and turned it into a unique feature for their brand. Love that. Now, I acknowledge that this could be looked at as a novelty play - similar to orange and yellow golf balls (remember those?) - but a novelty play that sells a crap load of golf balls is probably a good thing.

But most of all I love the idea of snaking in a 30 footer, pulling out my 7-7-7 ball to show my buds and letting them know it never hurts to have luck on your side.

UPDATED: Dave saw my entry and sent me this message: "I think this only applies to the balls that they supply Daly to use on Tour. He requested it. Sort of like how Titleist gives Tiger balls that say "Tiger" on 2 sides or how Appleby's Precepts have an apple on 2 sides. Not sure the 7-7-7's will be available to the public . . . . yet any way."

Obviously, my opinion is that they should make them available to the public ASAP.


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